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  » Achieving Personal / Corporate Excellence
Aim: To take inventory of the forces and values both internally and externally so as to explore appropriate options and directions and develop an action plan for both personal and corporate excellence.

» Building Winning Teams
Aim: To apply behavioral and interactive skills in order to improve team work and quality relationships so as to achieve greater synergy, productivity and motivation.

» Change Management
Aim: To update on the practical knowledge and skills in managing change and invoke the personal desire to accept change.

» Customer Relations Management
Aim: To professionally present oneself and the organization one represents with correct identification of customer needs, personalities and roles via positive interpersonal skills so as to forge a strong relationship based on trust and confidence.

» Creative Problem Solving
Aim: To apply systematic problem solving procedures and address problems in a proactive manner so as to move from mere conclusions to calculated decisions.

» Discipline & Grievance Handling
Aim: To apply appropriate disciplinary and grievance handling skills, that is seen as preventive and not punitive.

» Etiquette & Personal Grooming
Aim: To confidently position and present oneself professionally, in both formal and informal situations so as to project the desired Corporate image.

» Handling IR Conflicts
Aim: To enhance the ability to give and get concessions in such a way that both parties accept and agree to abide by the outcome.

» Interviewing Skills
Aim: To apply systematic interviewing skills that will lead to sound decisions based on pre-determined specifications.

» Negotiation Skills
Aim: To confidently enter a negotiation forum with a win win attitude, and to apply a variety of negotiation strategies and tactics for a mutually beneficial outcome.

» Professional Selling Skills
Aim: To appreciate, understand and apply the planning, organizing, executing and measuring principles in professional selling.

» Presentation Skills
Aim: To acquire an in depth understanding of the techniques in delivering a good presentation by overcoming fear and anxiety when confronted by differing audiences.

» Train the Trainer
Aim: To assess performance requirements and create training sequences that develop the desired behavior in others.

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