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Our search consultants act as an extension of your company in this exercise, which is often considered the most demanding and comprehensive of all recruitment. We identify and profile candidates who meet your specifications, and who will also become valued additions to your corporate team. Our goal is to secure you a productive asset who will contribute optimum returns, like a valuable investment. Our pool of talents in our database and our search capability will be of great assistance to our clients in increasing productivity and profitability based on their respective qualifications, experience and credentials. Our understanding of the market we serve ensures a high level of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality.
Our consultants comprehensively assess all candidates recommended for any position, ensuring that their skills and references are checked thoroughly. Our consultants have a profound understanding of industry trends and issues, first hand information, in-depth knowledge, and they also have extensive industry specific networks. Our commitment and intimate relationship with our clients and candidates enables us to deliver a personalised service to each party. We understand that time is vital for our clients to fill up critical positions in their organisations. By utilizing our services, our clients are able to reduce their recruitment costs.
By recruiting the correct person, the most expensive element of recruitment is greatly reduced. Millennium Consultants provides recruitment search and selection from middle to senior management positions for multinational operations, small to medium sized business and professional institutions in a wide range of industries throughout Malaysia.
When your company's growth plans demand additional full time staff, you can either handle the extra work yourself (which takes time and costs) … or look to us for a convenient yet professional solution. Our consultants will get the job specifications, and note your corporate culture and any special needs of your business. They will then conduct the entire job search on your behalf. They will screen candidates, test their skills and abilities, and conduct a personal interview before recommending suitable ones to you. This minimizes time wastage at your end. Our services are also risk-free because all placements carry a 100% guarantee within the first month of employment.
Let us do the searching for you. Regardless of whether you are hiring an accountant, a financial analyst or a chief financial officer, we have the resources to find the person you need. We will present you with qualified candidates for your position. We guarantee that our candidates have the experience and the personality to meet your expectations. Only candidates who are seriously interested in the position will be sent to ensure that your time is not wasted.
We are recognized as a leader in this area of staffing and we offer excellent support in finding potential candidates that suit the requirements of our clients. This option may meet your immediate and short term staffing requirements. It may also serve as an intermediate step, with the long term intention of finding permanent replacement. Candidates undergo the same extensive interview process as permanent personnel. Millennium Consultants takes full responsibility of an employer and manages the payroll and administration of the candidates. With this scheme, our clients reduce their permanent head-count, employee cost by transferring these responsibilities to Millennium Consultants.
We possess the expertise and a very large base of temporary placements most suitable for short-term placements due to holidays, peak periods, leave coverage and special projects where the candidates will be paid daily. Candidates undergo the same extensive process before they are presented to the clients. Temporary staffing offers our clients a fast approach with minimal cost and the ability to accomplish projects on time by having the right candidates for the right job at the right time.
» Achieving Personal / Corporate Excellence Aim: To take inventory of the forces and values both internally and externally so as to explore appropriate options and directions and develop an action plan for both personal and corporate excellence.
» Building Winning Teams Aim: To apply behavioral and interactive skills in order to improve team work and quality relationships so as to achieve greater synergy, productivity and motivation.
» Change Management Aim: To update on the practical knowledge and skills in managing change and invoke the personal desire to accept change.
» Customer Relations Management Aim: To professionally present oneself and the organization one represents with correct identification of customer needs, personalities and roles via positive interpersonal skills so as to forge a strong relationship based on trust and confidence.
» Creative Problem Solving Aim: To apply systematic problem solving procedures and address problems in a proactive manner so as to move from mere conclusions to calculated decisions.
» Discipline & Grievance Handling Aim: To apply appropriate disciplinary and grievance handling skills, that is seen as preventive and not punitive.
» Etiquette & Personal Grooming Aim: To confidently position and present oneself professionally, in both formal and informal situations so as to project the desired Corporate image. » Handling IR Conflicts Aim: To enhance the ability to give and get concessions in such a way that both parties accept and agree to abide by the outcome.
» Interviewing Skills Aim: To apply systematic interviewing skills that will lead to sound decisions based on pre-determined specifications.
» Negotiation Skills Aim: To confidently enter a negotiation forum with a win win attitude, and to apply a variety of negotiation strategies and tactics for a mutually beneficial outcome.
» Professional Selling Skills Aim: To appreciate, understand and apply the planning, organizing, executing and measuring principles in professional selling.
» Presentation Skills Aim: To acquire an in depth understanding of the techniques in delivering a good presentation by overcoming fear and anxiety when confronted by differing audiences.
» Train the Trainer Aim: To assess performance requirements and create training sequences that develop the desired behavior in others.


Incorporated in Malaysia to harness the energy of and coordinate trained professional intervention for organisations to address their two pronged areas of HR Services: • SELECTION & RECRUITMENT • TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT

Selection & Recruitment

Rather than viewing hiring as a ‘filling in of places’, this department possess a belief that people placement is a strategic tool that can be used to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations. This department utilises the services of professional multiracial customer oriented specialists who continuously undertake the study of management and operational methods of successful organisations. As a result they are able to provide effective professional services to clients.


This unit’s mission is to provide training as a strategy to assist clients to secure and maintain a competitive edge. This would be carried out through the designing and development of learning interventions to enhance overall performance.


This unit employs the services of a core group of facilitators who are fully qualified academically and who also possess practical experience in the industry.